Your library card is free if you reside within the city limits of Altamont.
Families who reside outside of the city limits
may purchase a family card for an annual fee of $60
Families within the city limits, your card is tax funded.

The library staff consists of librarian Beth Speers, and clerks Kris Logue, Bob Kassel and Gladys Kopplin.

We know you’ll want to help keep the building and collection in fine shape for all our visitors by abiding by our policies.
If you have any questions about library procedures, please feel free to ask a staff member.

Library Policies
1. Under the proper application, any resident of the city of Altamont may obtain a library card.
2. Any family, not residents of Altamont, upon application and payment of the required fee, may be issued a library card which entitles the members of said family to use the facilities of the library and borrow books according to the rules of the library.
4. Most books circulate for (14) fourteen days.  Videos and DVD’s are checked out for (7) seven days.
5. Materials are, at all times, subject to recall for library purposes.
6. To encourage the prompt return of library materials, we charge fines. Most fines are ($0.15) fifteen cents per day. Your fine will not exceed the cost of that item. If there is a history of overdue books, the privilege of borrowing material from our library will be limited to one item for a 3 month probation period. This probation time will restore privileges if patron follows rules.
7. The charge for lost books will be the list price for the book according to Books in Print pricing guide, plus library processing fees.
8. There will be a charge for using electronic equipment owned by the library.
9. Those wishing to renew their card must have no outstanding fees.
10. The library will order books and other materials from the Illinois Heartland Library System, but the patron who orders the items will be responsible for the return of said items.
11. The library will honor cards from the Illinois Heartland Library System if the cards have not expired and the patron is in good standing. It may be necessary to call the other libraries to verify status.
12. Patrons will be held responsible for any defacement of books. Books are supposed to be in good condition when issued, and the last borrower will be held responsible for any mutilation or defacement.
13. Patrons must have a valid library card to borrow material from the library. Children under 18 years of age are required to obtain the signature of a parent or guardian to receive a library card.